The Office renewed for Season 9!

The Office has been officially renewed for Season 9!

Here’s the 2012-2013 NBC Thursday night lineup:

  • 8pm: 30 Rock
  • 8:30pm: Up All Night
  • 9pm: The Office
  • 9:30pm: Parks and Recreation
  • 10pm: Rock Center with Brian Williams

Related news

  • May 13: Here’s the NBC press release.
  • May 13: E! Online: “[Robert] Greenblatt says most of the cast of The Office, including Rainn Wilson and B.J. Novak will return for the comedy’s ninth season. “I expect to see all of that cast back except Mindy [Kaling], who is going on to her own show, which we’re thrilled about. We’re thrilled for her.” He also teases that fans should “expect some new faces to drop in” to The Office next season.”
  • May 13: Deadline: The Office Season 9 will consist of 22 episodes, and there are no plans that Season 9 is the final season. (Tipster: James)
  • May 14: FOX announces that ‘Glee’ will move to Thursdays at 9pm, same as The Office timeslot.
  • May 14: New York Times: “After protracted negotiations, “The Office” will return with most of its cast intact for what may be one last season, and its creator, Greg Daniels, will be back at work, too. Mr. Daniels, the original supervisor for “The Office,” is expected to return in a hands-on capacity, Robert Greenblatt, chairman of NBC Entertainment, said in an interview. (Paul Lieberstein left that role at the end of last season.)”
  • What’s your Season 9 wish list?

I’ll post more details here as they come up…

The Office Fan Ratings, Season 8

After each episode of The Office airs, fans rate it on a scale of 1 to 10.

Here are the ratings for Season 8.

  1. 8.15 Tallahassee (Avg Rating: 8.47/10)
  2. 8.10 Christmas Wishes (Avg Rating: 8.30/10)
  3. 8.16 After Hours (Avg Rating: 8.18/10)
  4. 8.13 Jury Duty (Avg Rating: 8.12/10)
  5. 8.04 Garden Party (Avg Rating: 7.83/10)
  6. 8.17 Test The Store (Avg Rating: 7.824/10)
  7. 8.14 Special Project (Avg Rating: 7.82/10)
  8. 8.23 Turf War (Avg Rating: 7.75/10)
  9. 8.07 Pam’s Replacement (Avg Rating: 7.72/10)
  10. 8.18 Last Day In Florida (Avg Rating: 7.71/10)
  11. 8.02 The Incentive (Avg Rating: 7.69/10)
  12. 8.09 Mrs. California (Avg Rating: 7.60/10)
  13. 8.01 The List (Avg Rating: 7.48/10)
  14. 8.11 Trivia (Avg Rating: 7.28/10)
  15. 8.12 Pool Party (Avg Rating: 7.23/10)
  16. 8.06 Doomsday (Avg Rating: 7.16/10)
  17. 8.05 Spooked (Avg Rating: 7.05/10)
  18. 8.24 Free Family Portrait Studio (Avg Rating: 6.79/10)
  19. 8.03 Lotto (Avg Rating: 6.43/10)
  20. 8.20 Welcome Party (Avg Rating: 6.38/10)
  21. 8.22 Fundraiser (Avg Rating: 6.05/10)
  22. 8.21 Angry Andy (Avg Rating: 5.84/10)
  23. 8.19 Get The Girl (Avg Rating: 5.65/10)
  24. 8.08 Gettysburg (Avg Rating: 5.55/10)

See past ratings in the Fan Ratings Archive.

The Office Season 8 finale deleted scenes

Deleted scenes from The Office Season 8 finale, Free Family Portrait Studio.

Three-Way: Part 1
Robert can’t resist a loving couple, and Andy can’t resist a sandwich.
[Video no longer available]

Three-Way: Part 2
Jim and Pam wonder why Robert wants them to bring their 20-sided die from Scattergories to his dinner party.
[Video no longer available]

Three-Way: Part 3 Continue reading “The Office Season 8 finale deleted scenes”