OfficeTally Survivor Poll: Season 8

OfficeTally Survivor Poll Season 8OfficeTally Survivor Poll is a series of fan polls posted in the summer following a full season of episodes. Similar to the Survivor reality show, you’ll “vote off” your least favorite Season 8 Office episode in each poll, until the lone survivor and most popular episode remains.

Final status:
We now have a winner for Survivor Season 8, check out the rankings below!

The Office Season 8 Survivor Rankings (final)

  1. Tallahassee
  2. Special Project
  3. After Hours
  4. Test The Store
  5. Last Day In Florida
  6. Christmas Wishes
  7. Turf War
  8. The List
  9. Jury Duty
  10. The Incentive
  11. Free Family Portrait Studio
  12. Pam’s Replacement
  13. Trivia
  14. Garden Party
  15. Doomsday
  16. Angry Andy
  17. Spooked
  18. Mrs. California
  19. Welcome Party
  20. Fundraiser
  21. Pool Party
  22. Get The Girl
  23. Lotto
  24. Gettysburg

Very interesting that the entire Florida arc made it to the top, trumping traditional favorites like the Christmas and Halloween episodes.

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  1. YES! Here we go!

    Personally, I’m voting off “Lotto”, “Welcome Party”, or “Fundraiser” first – “Welcome Party” and “Fundraiser” I just didn’t like all that much from the 1st time I saw them, while “Lotto” I liked at first, but upon reviewings I’ve discovered that it kinda sucks.

    My prediction, though, is that “Gettysburg” will be voted off the island first, although I give it a pass for the “Battle of Schrute Farms” and “Gabe Lincoln” plots, although Andy’s plot was terrible. I rank “Gettysburg” above the 3 I listed above – but no others.

  2. With so many terrible episodes this year, the poll is going to be difficult. Gettysburg, you are my first pick, but Get the Girl is closing fast.

  3. Lotto is probably my least favorite. It just didn’t have any redeeming factors in it. At least in Gettysburg I got a kick out of Gabe’s Lincoln and Kevin/Robert cookie metaphor plot.

  4. Talk about an easy warm up, with both “Andy Andy” and “Gettysburg” to check off before I get into the tough choices.

  5. Unfortunately I have more misses for this season. I will have a harder time choosing which are my favorite. Get the Girl and Gettsyburg are the easiest to get the boot though.

  6. My ranking (though it’s WAY different than what I predict is gonna win)

    1. Special Project
    2. Tallahassee
    3. Angry Andy
    4. Christmas Wishes
    5. Turf War
    6. Pam’s Replacement
    7. Trivia
    8. Last Day in Florida
    9. Garden Party
    10. The Incentive
    11. After Hours
    12. Mrs. California
    13. Lotto
    14. Jury Duty
    15. The List
    16. Doomsday
    17. Get the Girl
    18. Test the Store
    19. Welcome Party
    20. Pool Party
    21. Free Family Portrait Studio
    22. Gettysburg
    23. Fundraiser
    24. Spooked

  7. Gabagool, While your list is very extensive. I think Free Family Portrait Studio is among the top 5 for the season. So many twists and cliffhangers. I loved that one.

  8. Gettysburg is the worst episode.
    It was just so poorly acted that it became uncomfortable to watch.

  9. I’m voting off Fundraiser. Gettysburg had its redeeming moments, but Fundraiser was mostly unfunny and just uncomfortable to watch.

  10. I personally disagree with a lot of the general opinion about this season. I thought most of it was really great, and still better than 95% of other TV shows. I honestly thought this was NOT the worst season of The Office.
    It probably goes for me: 3, 7, 6, 8, 5, 2, 4, 1
    And I agree with @gabagool, Angry Andy was up in the top 5 for me because it was classic Office humor that pushed the awkward line, and because of the vintage Andy wall punch. And Lotto was awesome because of the moment between Darryl and Andy that just felt real

    Honestly, this season has been quite great. There was some experimentation here and there, but for the most part, I applaud the writers for keeping things strong even after Steve Carell left

  11. Garden Party was the worst in my opinion. Boring, unfunny, and an unrealistic Jim prank. As #6 said, at least Gettysburg had a couple of moments.

  12. Here are my rankings. Don’t be fooled by them: I really HATE Nellie. And not in the “we’re supposed to hate her” sort of way, either…

    Without further ado:

    1. Angry Andy – Andy does not like that wall.
    2. Special Project – Perfectenschlag indeed.
    3. After Hours – with Nellie, less is more.
    4. Tallahassee – Would be higher without Nellie.
    5. Jury Duty – By this point, you should notice a trend: I think Dwight had an awesome season.
    6. Free Family Portrait Studio – Nice way to wrap this year up.
    7. Mrs. California – For making Robert look real and not a cartoon character.
    8. Trivia – Very underrated, clever episode.
    9. Pool Party – To both these bears!
    10. Pam’s Replacement – Again, Dwight had a great year.
    11. The List – Remember when Robert was a mysterious, creepy-but-brilliant figure?
    12. Turf War – I plea to the writers: Please, PLEASE bring back this Chris Bauer guy next year.
    13. The Incentive – Average.

    (Continued in my next comment…)

  13. (My rankings, continued:)

    14. Doomsday – Did not meet up to expectations.
    15. Spooked – On one hand, there’s Jim and Pam’s plot. On the other, there’s Gabe and Erin’s unfunniness. Seriously, how did he get in Stanley’s car?
    16. Garden Party – Good prank, funny Mose, nothing else.
    17. Test the Store – Some good moments, nothing else.
    18. Christmas Wishes – The humor was too dry and predictable. Well, maybe “dry” isn’t the best word choice… but you get what I mean.
    19. Gettysburg – As I said above, this is another selection for the “good moments, nothing else” category.
    20. Last Day in Florida – The humor got lost in the plot development.
    21. Lotto – Forgettable.
    22. Get the Girl – Even more forgettable.
    23. Fundraiser – Again, humor lost in the plot development.
    24. Welcome Party – A doomed-to-fail attempt to humanize a cartoon character (Nellie). THIS is why Nellie should be killed off, and why I am worried about Season 9.

  14. @twoblackballs

    If you think season two is the third worst season of the show we are watching this for two incompatibly different reasons. And on its face there’s nothing wrong with that. We still generate the same revenue for NBC whether we’re watching for JAM or Michael or whatever other reason. I can go back and forth between seasons two and three as the best season. But to place season two any lower than second I’d like to hear some sort of argument for that. I’ll take the worst season two episode over anything since Niagara.

  15. I think Spooked was by FAR the worst episode. Erin was just plain annoying, and RC’s speech at the end was not funny in the slightest. Jim and Pam had a stupid debate about ghosts, Andy was being annoying Andy, and even Dwight couldn’t redeem this terrible storyline with his tiny plotline


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